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As well as Reflective Mine Vehicle Signs we can also supply you with every type of reflective signs required on a mine site such as:

  1. Danger Signs: Indicating immediate danger and special precautions necessary, such as “Explosives,” “High Voltage,” or “Deep Excavation.”

  2. Warning Signs: Highlighting potential hazards that might not be life-threatening but still require caution, like “Slippery When Wet,” “Overhead Loads,” or “Blasting Area.”

  3. Mandatory Signs: Specifying actions that must be taken for safety, including “Wear Hard Hats,” “Use Handrails,” or “Eye Protection Required.”

  4. Prohibition Signs: Informing of actions that are not allowed, such as “No Smoking,” “No Unauthorized Entry,” or “No Open Flames.”

  5. Traffic Control Signs: Managing vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow within the site, like “Speed Limits,” “Yield,” “Stop,” and directional arrows.

  6. Information Signs: Offering guidance or instructions, such as “First Aid Station,” “Assembly Point,” or “Emergency Exit.”

  7. Boundary Signs: Marking the perimeter of the site and restricted areas, with notices like “Authorized Personnel Only” or “Construction Site – Keep Out.”

  8. Environmental Warning Signs: Indicating environmental risks and management areas, such as “Protected Wildlife Area” or “Hazardous Waste.”

  9. Fire Safety Signs: Identifying fire equipment and escape routes, including “Fire Extinguisher,” “Fire Hose,” and “Emergency Exit.”





3M Diamond Grade Cubed DG3 Reflective Sheeting utilises advanced full cube technology or prismatic optical lenses, achieving outstanding efficiency. This material is 100% light-efficient, reflecting back approximately 60% of available light—almost twice as much as older prismatic types. This ensures that light is distributed more broadly, reaching vehicles from farther away and at more angles, which means signs are recognized sooner and more reliably by both cars and trucks. The added benefit of a fluorescent finish on select colours enhances daytime visibility, making these colours pop for human eyes and ensuring that traffic control signs are seen clearly and quickly for optimal safety.

Welcome to The Print Shop Bunbury, your premier destination for custom reflective mine site approved vehicle signage, since 2007

Specialising in Class 1 Mining Grade reflective materials in vibrant Yellow, White, Red, Orange, and more, our products promise unparalleled visibility and durability, enhanced with UV-rated vinyl for longevity in tough mine-site conditions. Whether you’re across the street or across the country, we’ve got you covered with Australia-wide delivery right to your doorstep. Choose from our convenient kits or select individual pieces to meet your unique needs. And for those seeking versatility, our heavy-duty magnets offer a perfect solution for temporary signage needs. With our impressive 2-business-day dispatch, your business mobility and visibility are just a heartbeat away. Welcome to a brighter, safer, and more customised driving experience with The Print Shop Bunbury.

Colours Available

4091 Yellow
4084 Fluoro Orange
4090 White
4081 Fluoro Yellow
4095 Blue
4083 Fluoro Yellow/Green

Vehicle Mine Spec Decal Kit


  • Set of two large Custom Call Signs for vehicle sides – Class 1 Reflective  – 280 x 600mm with 250mm High Letters 
  • One small Custom Call Sign for rear of vehicle – Class 1 Reflective – 90 x 170mm with 80mm High Letters
  • 10m x Class 1 Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape Yellow – 50mm wide
  • Fire Extinguisher Sticker Class 1 Red – 60mm x 80mm
  • First Aid Kit Sticker Class 1 Green – 60mm x 80mm


  • High-Tack Adhesive for Permanent use
  • Strong Magnetic Backing for Temporary use


  1. Engineer grade enclosed lens coated reflective sheeting with a removable adhesive
  • 3M Comply™ adhesive technology, with air release channels allowing for fast, easy, bubble-free applications
  • Durable and flexible
  • Similar daytime and nighttime appearance
  • Retains most reflectivity when wet
  • Excellent angularity
  • Pressure activated adhesive for easy sliding and tacking
  • Applicable to flat, curved or corrugated surfaces

Lifespan: Up to ten years.

We want to clarify the distinct differences between Class 1 and Class 2 reflective materials used in signage, as they serve different purposes and adhere to different standards.

Class 1 reflective material is the superior grade known for its honeycomb pattern, offering enhanced visibility around the clock. This premium reflective type is designed to capture and return light from broad angles, ensuring high visibility. For public road safety, regulations mandate that all signage, including street, speed limit, and roadwork signs, must utilize Class 1 reflective material to maintain compliance.

Recent updates to the national code of practice have adjusted requirements for rear marking plates on vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes GVM and trailers over 10 tonnes GTM, now necessitating the use of Class 1 Reflective material. At The Print Shop Bunbury, we ensure our product meets compliance, guaranteeing our signage meets these quality and compliance standards.

On the other hand, Class 2 Reflective Signs are suited for less critical, off-road applications where visibility in dim conditions remains important. These environments typically include private work premises, parking areas, and shopping centers. Class 2 signs provide adequate visibility for these situations, where the premium reflectivity of Class 1 is not required.