Square Business Cards

Ah, the rebellious allure of square business cards, where conformity meets a delightful twist. These unconventional cards are meticulously crafted to shatter the monotony of standard rectangles, making a bold statement that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Imagine holding in your hands a business card that breaks free from the shackles of tradition, its edges defying the predictable norms with audacious angles and unconventional geometry. These little rebels are designed to ignite curiosity, challenge the status quo, and capture the imagination of those fortunate enough to receive them.

But make no mistake, their uses go beyond mere aesthetics. Square business cards are the perfect canvas for showcasing your brand’s unique personality. With their unconventional shape, they convey a sense of creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box. They become a metaphorical representation of your brand, standing tall amidst a sea of conformity.

Dare To Be Different With Square Business Cards

Whether you’re attending a networking event, a creative conference, or a daring industry gathering, square business cards are the ideal companions. As you hand one over, you’ll witness a spark of intrigue in the recipient’s eyes, followed by a smile of admiration. These cards initiate conversations, spark connections, and establish you as a daring trailblazer in your field.

But their uses extend beyond the initial exchange. Picture your square business card resting on a desk, like a work of art that defies expectations. Its unique shape becomes a conversation starter, a topic of discussion that allows you to showcase your brand’s creativity and innovative spirit.

Defy Normal With Square Business Cards

With their ironic tone, metaphorical style, and unmistakable British charm, square business cards capture the essence of your brand’s audacity. They defy norms, challenge conventions, and make a statement that is impossible to ignore.

Prepare to make a lasting impression in the business world, one daring angle at a time, with our exceptional square business cards. Crafted with care and a touch of rebellious flair, they embody the spirit of your brand and leave a trail of curiosity and admiration in their wake.

7 Overlooked Square Business Card Design Tips

Create a mockup of your square business card design: The best ideas often find their start on paper.

Use both sides of your square business card: The space offered can be surprisingly small for those unfamiliar with designing for square business cards.

Use heavier stocks when possible: Square business cards tend to use less material compared to their regular-shaped counterparts, making them lighter. Using a thicker stock will compensate for this, making your cards more pleasant to hold.

Think of the square as its own design element: Choosing a square business card in and of itself is a deliberate statement. Generally-speaking they’re just that much more eye-catching compared to regular business cards. While you could just leave things at that when you design a business card, the square shape has plenty of potential for a variety of square-related motifs. 

Remember, a tilted square is also a diamond: Diamond-shaped themes and motifs also work well with square-shaped business cards. Just rotate the square 45 degrees and you have a diamond as a starting point for your design.

Consider presentation: Having a clear idea of how your cards will be presented should inform the final outcome of your design. 

Think outside the box: Square business card printing can also be used to make cute invitations, pocket-sized appreciation cards, save-the-date cards, personal information cards, custom coupons or tickets, loyalty cards, custom gift cards for wrapped presents, and so much more.