Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs in Australia are crucial for advertising properties for sale, lease, or rent.

real estate sign


These signs are fundamental marketing tools in the real estate industry, designed to capture attention, convey essential information, and prompt potential buyers or renters to contact agents or owners.


  • Corflute: Favoured for its affordability and durability, it’s lightweight and weather-resistant, perfect for temporary signage.
  • Metal Frames: Often aluminium, providing stability and longevity. Used with corflute or other sign inserts.
  • Acrylic: Chosen for high-end property signage due to its sleek and professional appearance.
  • Wood: Employed for rustic or premium property signs, especially in certain residential areas or rural properties.

Types of Real Estate Signs:

  • For Sale Signs: Common signs displaying details about properties for sale.
  • Open House Signs: Temporarily used to guide potential buyers to open house events.
  • Directional Signs: Arrow signs placed strategically to direct people to the property.
  • Riders: Additional, smaller signs for extra information like “Sold” or agent contact details.

Design and Customisation:

  • Customisable with the agent’s name, contact information, brokerage logo, and property specifics.
  • High-quality digital printing for vibrant visuals and clear text.
  • Single or double-sided printing options, based on visibility requirements.

Sizes and Shapes:

  • Standard sizes like 24”x36” for yard signs, but available in various dimensions.
  • Traditional rectangular shapes to custom die-cut designs for unique branding.

Visibility Enhancements:

  • Reflective materials for low-light visibility.
  • LED lighting or spotlights for nighttime illumination.

Mounting and Installation:

  • Freestanding frames, like H-frames or A-frames, for easy ground insertion.
  • Hanging or wall-mounted options for properties with fencing or limited yard space.

Durability and Weather Resistance:

  • UV-resistant inks to minimise sun fading.
  • Water-resistant materials and laminates for outdoor durability.

Interactive Elements:

  • QR codes linking to virtual tours, property websites, or detailed listing information.

Eco-Friendly Options:

  • Signs made from recycled materials or eco-friendly printing methods.


  • Adherence to local zoning laws and real estate advertising regulations.

In Australia, real estate signs are a vital component of property marketing, offering agents and sellers a tangible market presence. These signs must be striking, informative, and durable, effectively showcasing the property and the agent’s brand.