Curbside Signs

curbside signsCurbside signs, strategically positioned at the edges of footpaths or roads, are designed to catch the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike, serving as an effective outdoor advertising medium. These signs are prominently placed to ensure maximum visibility to passersby.






Here’s a detailed description of curbside signs and their options:


  • Metal Frames: Typically crafted from aluminium or steel for robustness and resistance to weather elements.
  • Plastic Signs: Light in weight, easily portable, and able to withstand rain and wind.
  • Corflute Inserts: Commonly used corrugated plastic inserts known for their ease of replacement and lasting durability.

Types of Curbside Signs:

  • A-Frame Signs: Conveniently foldable for easy movement and storage, perfect for footpath and entryway placement.
  • Swing Signs: Attached to a swinging panel, these signs sway with the wind, attracting additional attention.
  • Pavement Signs: Constructed for heavy-duty use, they are designed to endure the more demanding conditions of urban settings.
  • Real Estate Yard Signs: Specifically tailored for the real estate sector, often featuring metal H-frames and corflute inserts for property listings.

Customisation and Printing Options:

  • Digital Printing: Provides high-resolution, full-colour graphics for logos, text, and imagery.
  • Vinyl Graphics: Durable and ideal for simpler designs or lettering.
  • Interchangeable Graphics: Some curbside signs enable easy swapping of graphics to accommodate various promotions or messages.

Size and Portability:

  • Available in diverse sizes to meet varying needs and visibility requirements.
  • Designed to be lightweight with integrated handles for straightforward transportation and setup.

Visibility Enhancements:

  • Reflective Materials: Used to heighten visibility during twilight or night-time.
  • LED Lighting: Selected models include integrated lighting to boost visibility in low-light conditions.

Weather Resistance and Stability:

  • Constructed to be weather-resistant, withstanding wind, rain, and UV exposure.
  • Bases can be weighted or filled with water/sand for enhanced stability.

Eco-Friendly Options:

  • Options include the use of recycled plastics and sustainable inks, catering to eco-conscious businesses.

Compliance and Regulations:

  • Conforming to local signage laws to meet size, placement, and safety standards.


  • Retail and Restaurants: For advertising sales, specials, or providing directional info.
  • Events and Promotions: To guide attendees or promote events and festivals.
  • Service Providers: Such as salons, clinics, and studios, for attracting walk-in clientele.
  • Real Estate: To market open houses and property listings.

corflute sign

Curbside signs are a strategic tool for businesses aiming to boost local recognition and pedestrian traffic. Their mobility, sturdiness, and a range of customisation options render them a versatile marketing instrument across numerous industries.