The Print Shop Bunbury: A Family-Run Beacon in the Heart of Collie

In the vibrant tapestry of Western Australia’s South-West, The Print Shop Bunbury stands out as a family-owned gem, deeply rooted in the Bunbury community. Extending its bespoke printing services with pride to the historic town of Collie, this business intertwines family values with professional excellence.

Collie: A Blend of History, Nature, and Vibrant Community Life


Collie, nestled amidst the lush landscapes of the South-West, is a town rich in history and natural beauty. Known for its coal mining heritage, Collie also boasts stunning attractions such as the Wellington National Park and the Harris River Dam, making it a blend of historical intrigue and natural splendour. It’s in this unique setting that The Print Shop Bunbury finds its role, providing a vital service to the Collie community.

Printing Collie’s Stories and Celebrations

Collie’s community calendar brims with events that showcase its rich heritage and vibrant community spirit. The Print Shop Bunbury contributes significantly to these events by offering tailored printing solutions. From vivid banners that adorn the Collie Agricultural Show to the bespoke programmes for the Collie Art Gallery exhibitions, their services help amplify the town’s cultural and community events.

Supporting Collie’s Landmarks and Local Businesses

Beyond just a business, The Print Shop Bunbury is a community collaborator in Collie. They provide essential printing services for landmarks like the Collie Heritage and Coal Mining Museum and support local educational institutions like Collie Senior High School with quality printed materials. The shop’s involvement is also evident in local business promotions, where they help small enterprises shine with custom signage and marketing materials.

A Partnership Rooted in Community and Growth

The relationship between Collie and The Print Shop Bunbury goes beyond mere business transactions; it’s a partnership that fosters community engagement and growth. In a town where the synergy of history, nature, and community defines its essence, The Print Shop Bunbury plays a crucial role in not just meeting the town’s printing needs but also in being an integral part of its vibrant community fabric.

Reflecting Collie’s Spirit in Every Print

The Print Shop Bunbury, with its family-oriented approach, mirrors the communal warmth of Collie. It stands as a testament to how local businesses can effectively serve and enhance their communities. In Collie, a town where the past and present merge beautifully amidst natural wonders, The Print Shop Bunbury is not just a service provider but a part of the community’s narrative, celebrating and elevating the unique spirit of Collie.