Bow Banner Flags

Introducing Bow Banner Flags, the ultimate in sophistication and impact. These striking flags are expertly designed to capture attention, making them an ideal choice for businesses and events aiming to make a memorable mark. With their distinct bow shape and vivid colours, Bow Banner Flags naturally draw the eye, fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation.

bow banner flags

Meticulously crafted, Bow Banner Flags are made using premium materials, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. Perfect for brand showcasing at trade fairs, promoting a grand opening, or adding a stylish element to outdoor events, these flags are made to endure various weather conditions and maintain their eye-catching appearance.

The allure of Bow Banner Flags extends beyond their visual charm to their adaptability. Suitable for a range of environments, both indoor and outdoor, they can enhance your shop’s entrance, create an engaging booth display, or line pathways, guiding guests to your event. Their flexible design makes them easily adjustable to any setting, proving them to be an invaluable addition to any occasion.

Key Features of the Bow Banner Flag:

One of the standout features of the Bow Banner Flags is the simplicity of their setup. With user-friendly components and a lightweight build, these flags can be easily assembled and taken down within minutes, allowing you to concentrate on what’s truly important – connecting with your audience. Their portability is an added advantage, as they can be swiftly moved from one spot to another, enabling you to consistently make a bold statement wherever you are.

Bow Banner Flags are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are an effective promotional instrument. Their prominent display and dynamic motion instantly draw attention and pique curiosity. By showcasing your brand’s logo, message, or artwork on these flags, you establish a striking visual representation of your business that resonates with your target market.

Elevate your branding, amplify your event, and make an unforgettable statement with Bow Banner Flags. Their distinctive design, resilience, flexibility, and ease of use render them the perfect selection for businesses, organisations, and individuals eager to distinguish themselves and leave a lasting impression.

Bow Banner Flags, also known by names such as Bow Banners, Bowhead Flags, and Wind Flags, are the go-to choice when you aim to captivate customer attention, whether at your store or an event. Embrace the impact with a BOW and add some WOW to your business presence!

Proudly Australian Made and offering quick turnaround, our Bow Banners are available in a range of sizes to suit every need – from Small to Medium, Large, and even the show-stopping OMG Jumbo sizes!

Our selection includes:

  1. Single-Sided Flag: Featuring a mirrored reverse, ensuring your message is visible from both sides, albeit in reverse on one.
  2. Double-Sided Block Out Flag: Boasting sharp, clear graphics readable correctly from either side, perfect for a more premium display.

Additionally, we offer a variety of robust base options to suit every application:

  1. Heavy Duty Ground Spike: Ideal for lawns or soft ground.
  2. Heavy Duty 10KG Plate: Perfect for outdoor hardstand areas.
  3. Folding Cross Base: Designed for effortless indoor use.
  4. Folding Cross Base with 9 KG Water Bag: An excellent versatile option for both indoor and outdoor setups.

All bases come equipped with a heavy-duty, fully enclosed ball bearing spindle, allowing the flags to smoothly swivel with the wind. Our Pole Kits are constructed from strong CE Certified epoxy fiberglass and reinforced with a double steel sleeve at the base, ensuring durability and stability.

Print Shop Bow Banner Flags are not just visually appealing but also portable, robust, and incredibly simple to assemble. They are the epitome of convenience and effectiveness in promotional signage – Simply Perfect for making a lasting impression!