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Our product range is VAST and within that vastness is another multitude of custom options…! Our Online range continues to grow as we add more and more of our products and options… but there is every chance that what you are looking for but cannot find, is absolutely something we can help with. Get in touch – we are in the habit of saying ‘Yes – We Can Help with That!’

We’ve tried to make it easy to navigate our range. Whether you’re looking for business cards, letterheads, flyers, leaflets or any other item, we’ll show you the most popular option first. You can then customise your spec to suit your needs. Have a play with the refinement menus on the product pages to try out different styles and finishes. But of course, if you get stuck, please get in touch… We’re here to help!

All printing’s the same right? Leaflets from us are the same as leaflets from that bloke your brother knows. Business cards from that ‘other online printer’ are as good as ours…right? Well, actually (and not surprisingly) that is Wrong! They may sound the same, but it’s like comparing apples with whales. We give you a ‘business class’ product at an ‘economy class’ price. We print every order with High Definition Reproduction whether it be a large quantity ‘off-set’ print job or a short run digital job. This means your photos and text will be printed so vividly, on the best range of quality papers and cards with superb laminates and finishes. You’ll be proud to put your brand in print into the hands of your customers & potential customers! 

Here’s a simple fact… Everything we have available via our online store is printed here in Australia out of one of our state-of-the-art print hubs… Period!

Unless we tell you otherwise, your order will be printed with High-Definition Reproduction on conventional ‘offset’ printing presses – the kind that would normally print catalogues and glossy magazines. We print your order with lots of others at the same time, so you get the best price and the highest quality. In fact, there’s every chance that your order will be printed on Australia’s only HUV 10 Colour A1+ Offset press… If that doesn’t mean much but sort of sounds impressive – we can assure you… it really is! 🙂

Sure – we have recycled options on Business cards, Leaflets, Letterheads, Compliment Slips (in fact most of our range) which can be expertly produced on papers and cards made from 100% recycled materials. Talk to us about how you can highlight your environmentally-conscious choice with a Recycled Choice logo placed subtly onto your printing.

As noted above, our range is vast and the options (and sizes) within that range is close to endless… Of course, you’ll get the lowest prices when you stick with ‘standard’ sizes, but if you need it customised, then call or email us with your spec, and we’ll come back to you fast with a tailored quote.

At the risk of repeating ourselves… YES :). We have an in-house design team who are kept pretty busy designing and laying out print jobs for our customers. And you’ll find our rates are remarkably reasonable and our ‘Nothing is too much trouble’ attitude refreshing and delightful!

But if you haven’t yet done so, check out the  DIY design templates … the range of industry specific templates on offer is remarkable and even design novices will find editing them a breeze. If you can type a Word document, then you can use our design editing tools!

Colour matching on 4-colour (CMYK) process has come a long way over the recent decades. What was once a bit of a hit and miss approach that relied on manual calibration, is now handled by fanatically precise computer calibration that ensures the closest replication of colours possible when using a 4-colour mix. However slight variations are still possible and can be affected further by paper types and your colour choices – e.g. some burgundies and deep blues can be extra tricky to match time after time.

We do need to point out that the colour that you see on your computer screen is NOT an accurate reflection of what will be produced, nor are the colours produced on paper when you run off a sample on your home or office laser printer. If you’re concerned about how your colour will be produced on commercial-quality printers, then email us with your colour splits (e.g. the amounts of Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Black) or just send us your artwork, and we’ll check your colour splits and provide professional guidance. Oh… if colour matching is even more important to you than the price, then ask us about ‘single pot’ spot-colour printing for guaranteed colour replication every time. Learn more about colour matching and how to prepare print-ready files here.

Supplying files that are truly print-ready requires some level of technical expertise. If this isn’t you, then maybe continuing with the DIY design templates route makes more sense. Or alternatively, send us your files and we’ll check them for free. If you’d like to check that you have the correct bleed, crop-marks, resolution and other technical print-ready stuff sorted, then download a copy of our artwork specifications guide here.